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Calling All Foodies: Here Are Our Top Favorite 3 Restaurants in Garner

When it comes to food, the South is known for a few staples. From soul food to barbecue, Southern cuisine has established a reputation for blending homestyle cooking and amazing flavors… and in our humble opinion, the restaurants in Garner are some of the best around!

Check out our top picks for restaurants in Garner, and let us know if we missed any hidden gems!

Angie’s Restaurant

Biscuits and gravy.

Angie’s is all about good food and good company. Owner Angie Mikus has been operating in the restaurant world for over 20 years, garnering quite the local following along the way. So even though Angie’s Restaurant has only been open since 2011, it’s already considered a beloved institution in the community. Housed in an old barn that was previously home to the popular Garner Grill in the ’90s, Angie’s has kept the tradition of good service and good food going.

On the menu, you’ll find classic comfort foods and delicious homestyle cooking—you have to try the biscuits and gravy and breakfast platter. If you’re heading over for breakfast, be sure to get there a little early, since it gets pretty packed by around 10:30am.


A buffet.

Since 1946, Toot-N-Tell Family Restaurant has been serving the Garner and Triangle area. Back then, the restaurant was a drive-in with no indoor seating. Over the years, additions were slowly made—first came four booths inside—and once new owners took over in 1968, Toot-N-Tell went through seven major renovations. The restaurant has stayed in the family since the ’60s, and remains a popular stop in the area.

The two most popular items at Toot-n-Tell have to be breakfast and the buffets. Their Sunday lunch buffet—full of seafood and home-cooking—is a hit every week, and their breakfast menu (served all day) has everything from eggs and pork brains to fish and grits.

Carolina Barbecue


The owner of Carolina Barbecue, David Batchelor, got his start back in 1968 in Wilson, NC (AKA the barbecue capital of the Southeast). He bounced around the state, moving on to Raleigh next, learning more about the art of barbecue and growing his skills. In 2001, he settled down and opened Garner’s Carolina Barbecue.

It’s pretty easy to guess that you’ll find a lot of barbecue on the menu…but there’s a whole lot more, too! We recommend trying the hushpuppies, slaw, and fried chicken—in addition to the barbecue, of course.

Find Your Home in Garner

If you’re looking for a few restaurants that really exemplify Southern cooking, you won’t find many better options than the ones in Garner. And these are only three of the highlights!

Looking to find your new home in Garner? Take some time to explore the area, browse our buying resources, and use our specialized search to narrow down your options. Once you’re ready to get started, just give us a call.

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